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Safety Policies and Rules

Safety is important to us as an organization. Please know, if we felt that participants were to be in danger in a community, we would cancel the trip or move to a different site. We want participants and leaders to feel safe throughout the entire week. However, we do rely on Adult Leaders and youth to help us in maintain the safety policies and procedures for your mission week.

The first evening during orientation we will help participants understand more about the community in which they are serving and the expectations for behavior at our host site.


Every staff member at For You Ministries is CPR and First Aid certified.

Covid Vaccinations

All participants and staff in For You Ministries mission weeks must be fully vaccinated. We work with organizations and host sites who have this requirement to keep their clients and facilities safe.

Background Checks

We require that a federal and national (“multi-state”) background check and sex offender registry check be completed on all participants 18 and over, including Adult Leaders and youth attending the mission trip. This also fulfills requirements from ministry partners that want background checks completed on adults who will be volunteering at their organizations.

All For You Ministries staff have also been through a background check.

Food Preparation

Due to the nature of large group meal preparation, we cannot guarantee a participant will not be exposed to any certain food. Nor can we promise to have exactly the right food to meet every special dietary need. For those participants who are gluten-free, For You Ministries will provide GF bread, GF pasta and GF cereal. We also provide a non-dairy milk option.

We recommend that participants with severe allergies or special dietary needs bring supplemental food for the week. We will provide space for this food to be stored.


During the week your clothes may endure sweat, mud, paint, and lots of love from children! Bring clothes that you can work and play hard in, including closed-toed shoes. Your clothing represents us as an organization as well as God, so please dress appropriately.


Each church is responsible for transportation throughout the week. During the day, you may be at one place all day or serve at one place in the morning and a different place in the afternoon. You will be given addresses to and from each location, back to the housing site, and to emergency facilities. In some instances, we will give specific written directions. For You Ministries staff will also be able to help you locate your work site.

We know that everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to driving and parking. Because you will be in unfamiliar places, please work together with your leaders before the trip to determine who is comfortable driving, parking and leading in this role. 

Alcohol, Drug and Weapon Policy

Alcohol, illicit drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden at For You Ministries housing and ministry sites. Anyone (leaders/youth) in possession of such items will be sent home immediately. To ensure the safety of your youth, we request that any prescription drugs and other medications be held in the custody of one of the Adult Leaders from your group.

Harassment and Abuse Policy

For You Ministries prohibits sexual harassment, harassment, and physical and/or sexual abuse on or off the For You Ministries premises or in the course of For You Ministries activities or ministries. For You Ministries will investigate any allegations of such misconduct in accordance with applicable law.

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