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Mission Weeks

Where a week of service and learning launches a lifetime of change.

Why Use For You Ministries? Details

For You Ministries is led by youth ministers who know how important your time is with your students. We have everything taken care of: projects, worship, food, devotions, and even free time. This allows you to be with your youth during a crucial week of faith development instead of worrying about what is next.

Why Use For You Ministries? Education

If you are checking out information about missions, then you already know how important it is to a student's faith development. How can you make the impact of a trip last? We believe educating youth about God's love and desire to use their gifts to solve the problems facing our world is the long term key to a life of service and the hope of overcoming poverty. So included in your week of mission opportunities is an emphasis on understanding the real world problems and choices made by those facing poverty and social injustices every day. Each week we do this through conversations with our mission partners, interviews with those involved in real struggles, and scenario problem solving. We don't want students to just be involved on the surface of missions, but we want them to dig into the root of the problems we face.


Why Use For You Ministries? Grants

Have you ever had God give you or one of your students a vision for a ministry in your own town or city after being on a mission trip, but you knew there was not the financial backing or help to make it happen? At For You Ministries we believe that once students better understand the problems that exist in our world, they will be able to use their God given creativity to come up with new solutions to those problems in their communities. We believe it so much that we offer churches and individual youth the opportunity to apply for grants, as well as coming along side them, to help launch new ministries of their own. Only churches and youth who attend a For You Ministries mission week or retreat are eligible to apply.

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