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How You Help!

During your time in Nashville you will be partnering with local organizations who are working to alleviate poverty in it's many forms among the the homeless, the poor, and children. Projects might include preparing and serving food for the homeless, working in a day shelter, volunteering at a kids camp, or helping students with reading. Each day you will have opportunities to build relationships with those you are assisting as well as learning from them each night. 
**Since For You Ministries believes in working hand in hand with those in need, all projects are subject to change due to the regulations associated with Covid.

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How much does a mission week cost?

The total cost of a mission week is $395 per person. A $55 non refundable and non transferable deposit per person is due within 14 days of your registration. 50% percent of your remaining balance is due April 30. The final 100% of your balance is due May 31. 
This includes housing for 5 nights, 13 meals, programming, afternoon activities, and staffing.

Who can come on a mission week?

Students and adults who are age 14 or older at the time of the event and have either been vaccinated or received a negative Covid test with 48 hours of arrival.

Where will we be staying?

Groups will stay on the floor in classrooms or a gymnasium at a local church or school. You may need to bring your own air mattress or cot to sleep on if beds are not available.

What is the adult to student ratio?

1 adult leader for every 7 students of the same gender.

Are background checks required?

Yes, Each church group will need to conduct a national (multi-site) criminal background check and sex offender registry check on any participant (adults or students) that is 18 years and older. Church groups will then provide For You Ministries with written confirmation that every participant 18 and older has been approved to work with youth and children, and will provide written confirmation that all participants (youth and adults) are deemed safe.

Will showers be available?

Yes, showers will either be available onsite in the building or onsite in a shower trailer or truck.

Will we be serving at one site or multiple sites during the week?

It is our desire for you to experience many examples of ministry during the week. However, we seek to meet the needs of our community partners and their ministries. Some of our organizations prefer the same volunteers to come back each day, all week long so there is consistency in the relational aspects but also logistically as well.

Do we need to provide transportation?

Yes, you will need to have a way to transport your group to and from their worksite each day. Keep in mind that if you have a larger group, you will have groups at multiple sites that might be 30-45 minutes apart. We suggest having 12-15 passengers vans.

Will we be working with other groups?

You will most likely be attending a trip with 3-5 other youth groups. All groups will share sleeping quarters and we will have meals and worship together as a large group. Many of our mission site locations can accommodate for 80-100 volunteers each week. For work projects,  it is possible that multiple groups are on the same site but unlikely.

When is the deadline to register?

The registration deadline is March 31.

When will we know what sites we will be working on?

We will let you know within two weeks, at the latest, of your trip which organizations you will be working with.

What are the Covid regulations?

Students and adults must be vaccinated or have a negative Covid test within 48 hours of the start of the event. Masks are to be worn while indoors in all common areas. This can fluctuate based on new recommendations from the CDC and our partner organization requirements.