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Since 1994, Breakthru has seen thousands of students experience the love of God first hand through these amazing retreats. We hope you will join us and youth from all over the south for worship, seminars, Bible study, games, and an encounter with our God.

Why Choose Breakthru


Our first, and foremost, priority is to connect your students to the love of God. We make worship a priority. We also want them to make connections with students in your group and with students from other groups. So, we have included free time in the afternoon to make new connections and time at night for your group to meet together and strengthen theirs.


Working with and leading youth is not a job, but a calling we get to answer each and every day. We also know that God is calling your students to surrender to Him and to go and make a difference in the world through their lives. One of our goals is for each student to hear about the unique gifts God has given them and the call God has for them right now!


In over 2 decades of doing youth retreats, we have learned a lot, and we continue to learn how to be a part of God's ever unfolding story. However, some of our greatest teachers are you! Once you attend a Breakthru retreat, you get to help us design next year's retreat and be a part of making sure His-story doesn't become history.

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