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For You Ministries Grants

At For You Ministries, we believe God is calling students to make a difference in the world. So, we offer grants for individual students or youth groups to use their God given creativity to come up with new solutions to existing problems in their own communities. You can learn more about the requirements and fill out an application below.


Eligibility for Grants:

Individual students or youth ministries who have attended a For You Ministries event (Breakthru or Mission Week).



For You Ministries will offer up to $15,000 in grants in a given year. A maximum amount of $3,000 is available for any single grant. Grant award winners will meet (in person or virtually) with a For You Ministries staff member every two months to give updates on the project/program and submit 6 and 12 month written reports from the time of grant awarding.


Application Process Part 1:
Applicants will fill out the general application information sheet (www.foryouministries), and provide narrative answers to the questions below and email to Individual applicants will also provide the name of an adult mentor who will assist the applicant in achieving the desired purpose.

Narrative Description of Program:

A) Describe your project/program
B) Who and how many people will your project/program help/assist?

C) When will you start?
D) Why is your program/project needed in your community?
E) Tell us some details about how you plan to accomplish part A)
F) What does success look like in 1 year? 3 years?

H) Provide an estimated budget and let us know how grant funds will be used if you receive a grant.


Application Process Part 2:
After your application is reviewed and approved to move forward, the Grant Board will set up an online interview with the applicant within two months of the submission of the application.

Grant Determination and awarding:

After parts 1 and 2 of the application are completed, the Grant Board will meet to make a final decision. Projects/programs that demonstrate innovative and creative ways to meet a need in the community will be prioritized. Note that youth leadership within the project/program is a requirement.

Applicants will be notified by phone call of their status within two weeks of completing all application steps. Monies will be distributed to the individual or church within one month of the awarding of the grant.

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